Paper Supplies on Demand, and Much More!

With Electronic Payments' Merchant Advantage Program, you'll receive the newest, most enhanced paper, supplies and warranty program for your merchant account. This program is an opt-in service; speak with your local representative today and sign up to receive paper supplies, stickers, pole signs and more! We have all your supply and warranty needs covered!

The Merchant Advantage Program Includes:

  • Unlimited Paper - Including MICROS® and POS Paper!*

  • Unlimited Stickers

  • Merchant Support Center Account

  • Free Emailed Statements

  • Check Presenters and Tip Trays

  • "Knucklebuster" (Manual Imprinter) Slips

  • PCI Compliance Updates

  • Terminal Warranty - Swap Out Your Busted Terminal

  • Speak with your local representative about additional pricing and details.

  • Free Shipping on all Supplies!

  • All Billed Seamlessly to Your Monthly Merchant Statement!

*Unlimited paper supplies are determined based on number of transactions processed.
"Knucklebuster" machines cost $35.00 each.
Free FedEx ground shipping is included on all supplies.