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EPI Announces ProCharge® Integration to the Buypass Front-End

Calverton, New York - April 23, 2007 - Electronic Payments (EPI) today announced the integration of its accounting software plugin, ProCharge®, with the Buypass frontend. ProCharge is a unique software plugin designed for Quickbooks® which enables merchants to process payments directly from within the popular accounting software. ProCharge now has integrated a solution into the Authorize.Net® and eProcessingNetwork® Gateways and directly to the Concord/Buypass (Atlanta) front-end.

By utilizing the Buypass frontend, it is a direct-to-processor solution removing all startup, monthly, and extra per-item fees normally associated with gateways.

Some features of ProCharge include:

- Seamless payment processing from within Quickbooks®

- Users can process payments in bulk or on a per invoice basis

- Swiped transaction processing with attached card reader

- Store-N-Forward mode automatically activates so users can process payments without an Internet connection and submit later for processing

- Direct integration to Authorize.Net, eProcessingNetwork, and the Buypass Frontend

- Zero per-item fees or monthly costs

- Total attrition control - never lose a merchant using ProCharge

While there are other plugins that exist in the marketplace, ProCharge is unique. EPI has programmed the plugin to support Store-N-Forward Mode, giving merchants a way to process payments from the road when no Internet connection is available.

Furthermore, the software controls access to the front-end of choice for any user and includes the ability to seamlessly and without any impact to the merchant "switch" the method of processing from network to network, gateway to gateway.

Electronic Payments continues to lead the way in developing innovative software solutions to enable its ISO and merchant base to be more competitive. ProCharge® is designed for Quickbooks® versions Basic, Pro and Enterprise 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

ProCharge is available for 3rd Party Licensing and a merchant account with Electronic Payments as the processor is not a requirement to use ProCharge. For more information, visit ProCharge® by Electronic Payments.


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