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Electronic Payments Launches LiveView™ Real-Time Batch and Transaction Viewing Product

Calverton, New York – January 13, 2014 – One of the most well-regarded payments companies in the industry, Electronic Payments, announced the launch of a new tool sure to give merchants and agents alike a needed edge in their businesses.

After a successful roll-out to select agents and merchants, Electronic Payments has introduced LiveView™, a real-time batch and transaction viewing utility built for the First Data™ Omaha platform. Previous to the launch of LiveView, an agent or merchant would need to utilize a stand-alone reporting product provided by the processing network and the reporting was limited in scope.  That product is unbranded, difficult to use, and also can incur a large expense across the portfolio if used in a large-scale deployment.  Alternatively, a few savvy Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) have been known to offer a day or two delayed online reporting product showing batches and transactions that have already taken place and funded to the merchant. Until LiveView, no ISO has launched a real-time direct to frontend batch and transaction reporting product for the First Data Omaha platform.

LiveView allows any merchant, agent or ISO of Electronic Payments to view live real-time transactions processed on the Omaha platform from any connectivity method – Terminal, Gateway, POS System, or Mobile App.  Unlike other “live” and “real-time” products, Electronic Payments’ LiveView does not require the use of a terminal connected to a gateway or some middleware solution.  Instead, it displays real-time open and closed batches from any device and via any communication method right on the Electronic Payments web portal for merchants and agents.

The benefits of this tool are myriad, including reduced calls into Technical and ISO Support looking for a transaction as well as real-time verification of merchant activation and merchant activity to provide technical support and reduce attrition.

With the addition of new products, such as LiveView™, Electronic Payments continues to set the bar high for competing organizations to rise to.  As company COO, Matthew Findlan, explains, “With tools like LiveView, you can go to the merchant location and say, ‘Mr. Merchant, if you ever have a question on a transaction or batch going through, just log into LiveView and you’ll see the transaction pop up live as it processes.’  It’s an absolute essential tool for today’s agents in this very competitive marketplace.”



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