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Electronic Payments Launches New ISO Program and Partner Recruiting Website

Calverton, New York - December 21, 2006 - Electronic Payments (EPI) has continually offered some of the most competitive pricing in the marketplace. Continuing with that trend, today EPI has released a new ISO program that features an unheard of 4 cent transaction fee and zero bin sponsorship costs.

Highlighted by the tag line "No BIN No Bull", the announcement of this new program was first made last Monday December 11th in a conference call to its ISO Partners. "Electronic Payments is pleased to be offering the most significant change in our ISO program to date - something that is the direct result of our last three years of phenomenal growth as well as our new sponsor bank relationship at BancorpSouth," the company's CEO, Michael Nardy said.

He continued, "We have a great base of ISOs and what I saw in our new program was the ability to continue to offer free terminals and bonuses, but cut out our previously charged BIN fees as well as reduce our network cost by half. This will be a very significant change in residual payouts for anyone that chooses to work with EPI."

EPI's ISOs will benefit from several features of their new ISO Program, including:

-4 Cents Per Transaction

-No BIN Fees

-No Minimums or Quotas

-Next Day Funding

-A Free Terminal Program

-Upfront Conversion Bonuses Paid Weekly

This new program is flanked by several improvements to the IT facilities of the company, including the implementation of several automated systems on the, the web portal where ISOs can get real-time status and email updates on the current deals in their portfolio.

The second improvement is the entirely updated and revamped Electronic Payments ISO program website located at Here ISOs and potential ISOs can view pricing and information about the company as well as learn about what EPI can offer their sales offices.

EPI's Director of Operations Matt Findlan said, "It's exciting when you move from a college dorm room to a basement and then to a large office; and each step along the way, your pricing has improved. Now the latest company achievements are enabling us to offer an unheard of program. I think the phrase 'No BIN No Bull' is a pretty accurate description of the direction ISOs are steering this industry."


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