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Electronic Payments Offers Paid Health Insurance to Our ISO and Agent Partners

Southampton, New York - August 25, 2005 - Electronic Payments (EPI) has been a pioneer in the arena of competitive ISO/MLS programs and service offerings designed to help grow its ISO offices. In its continuing efforts to enhance service to its ISOs and MLS, Electronic Payments is announcing its commitment to insure the health of all those that interact with the company.

All EPI employees have always had 100% paid insurance coverage - and being a business based in New York, we incur some of the highest insurance rates in the industry. Speaking for the company, CEO, Michael Nardy says, "I want all our ISOs to have health insurance coverage as do EPI employees. Unfortunately, I have not seen an effective way to enable EPI to pay for their health coverage under our corporate plan unless we employ them. Therefore, I have crafted a program that will enable our ISOs to enjoy all the benefits of being an EPI employee while still maintaining their independent contractor status."

In 2004, the average cost of health insurance was $3,695 per year or $307 per month. This number was up 11.2% from the prior year according to figures published by the National Coalition on Healthcare - . Despite the cost of health insurance, the burden on those that are not covered is too great to ignore this crucial issue.

Beginning September 1st, EPI will offer a monthly stipend paid in addition to any residuals earned that will help our ISOs, their families and staffs pay for health insurance. This will amount to a flat $307 per month to cover as much of their premiums as possible. Other companies have advertised payments of or 1/3 of the coverage premium, however, EPI is going beyond that figure and is offering to pay up to 100% of the premium, up to $307.

As an example, if your insurance premium is $307 or less, then we will pay for 100% of the amount of your premium. If you pay for a family plan and the cost is $400, we will pay the first $307 of that amount, ensuring that our ISOs and their families are fully insured.

Michael Nardy continues, "I strongly believe in this program - others have tried to insure their sales staff, however, they have only paid of the premium. We will pay for the health insurance of our ISOs - and we will ultimately be paying 100% of their premiums if they fall within the national average of healthcare costs. We are also extending the offer to cover their families and staff if they wish. The burden of not being covered by health insurance is too great to ignore - and my company will be a leader in providing real-world benefits to our independent sales staffs."

The requirements for EPI's Health Insurance Program (HIP) are as follows:

- ISO/MLS Must be An Active Office with EPI with 30 Deals In Their Portfolio

- ISO Can Work With Other Processors and Still Benefit from the Program

- ISO/MLS Should Produce 10 Deals Per Month

- A Quarterly Rolling Average Will Determine Deal Count

- ISO May Choose Any Insurance Carrier and Coverage Plan They Wish

Not only is the program designed to help our single MLS offices, our larger ISOs can benefit as well. EPI has agreed to pay for an unlimited number of reps, ISOs, and their family members. In order to benefit from the additional insurance program, ISOs simply need to double the numbers - to pay for a spouse, have 60 deals in your portfolio and do at least 20 deals per month (quarterly rolling average). For a staff of 5, have 150 deals in your portfolio and do 50 deals per month.

This program is designed to be accessible to all our ISOs - most of who qualify right away for the program. Keeping your staff and family in good health is important for your business and for the growth of ours. For ISOs that have a need for coverage and can't achieve the 10 deal per month minimum, they may also contact Mr. Nardy and discuss their needs on a personal level. With any program of this nature, it must start somewhere and EPI has led the way for a real benefit to its ISO base.


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