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Electronic Payments Starts Charitable Initiative "Charity Begins at the Point of Sale"

Southampton, New York - March 29, 2005 - In its continuing efforts to work with charitable organizations and give back to the local community, Electronic Payments, Inc. (EPI) has launched a new initiative that will directly contribute to the bottom line of merchants and to the charities of their choosing.

"Money Back Processing" will allow EPI to rebate up to 5% of the processing fees paid each month back to the merchant. This program is unique in that the company not only will provide businesses with the most competitive rates, but also gives back a cash rebate rather than a just saying we are giving back money. Depending on your business type, volume, etc., EPI will rebate analyze your merchant statement and prepare a set monthly rebate that will be given to the merchant in cash or in kind to the charity of their choice.

Another unique aspect of this program is what EPI is describing with its sales mark, "Charity begins at the point of sale". Merchants can choose to partner with any qualifying charity by donating their rebate rather than receiving money back in cash. It has been proven time and again that most consumers would prefer to shop at an establishment that is helping a worthy cause and EPI has recognized the strength charitable giving has in the consumer's choice of which businesses to patronize.

Most charities have aggressive programs to promote the businesses that partner with them, and the business partner then enjoys the goodwill and loyalty of that charity. The company sees this program as something that applies to any and all businesses that accept credit cards, and it gives the merchants the benefit of an enhanced image at no additional cost. EPI is in the process of rolling this program out on a national basis and hopes to make this a way for merchants to stay as competitive as possible in the very demanding world of business. For more information on this program, please contact Electronic Payments' sales department.


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