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Electronic Payments Launches Online Merchant Application - BankcardApp.Net

Southampton, New York - December 17, 2004 - In its continuing efforts to enhance service to ISOs and Merchants, Electronic Payments, Inc. (EPI) has released its web product - one of the first sign-on-screen merchant applications with instant approval and MID issuance. will integrate with the ISOInterface, EPI's online ISO management center and will give ISOs the ability to set merchant pricing and application details, or even visit the merchant location with a real-time approval product for the merchant to use. It will also allow merchants to login and setup accounts on their own and will provide the local ISO in the area with a commission based on their commitment to service this merchant on an ongoing basis.

"We have always had a strong focus on technology, and I think we provide IT solutions to our ISOs and Merchants that rival some of the larger players in the industry. These technology offerings are what ISOs are looking for more and more in a processor," says CEO Michael Nardy.

EPI is also promoting its free-use equipment program bundled with the web portal giving merchants access to batch and statement data, online chargeback response ability and paper supplies ordering. Mr. Nardy continues, " is just an additional level we are offering, bringing the technology to the Merchants as well as ISOs. We're adding our merchant support center and the online application to give ISOs the tools to help them grow," he continues.


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